Yahoo Groups displays as a blank page

Bernie emailed me this morning to invite me to join Irishblogs – a new group set up on Yahoo! Groups.

The group description

People from Ireland or in Ireland who have blogs, cross-links, and threads worth sharing.

sounded reasonably interesting so I thought I’d wander on by and check it out.

However, when I went to the site, the page came up blank!

I checked it in Safari and it worked fine, so it only appeared to be a Firefox issue – strange! I went back to Firefox, disabled all the extensions and re-started it – no good. I deleted the cache – no good. I deleted cookies – no good, no matter what I did, I couldn’t get in.

It was only when TwentyMajor advised me to:

check there are no proxy settings in Firefox.

that I got anywhere. I have a proxy manually set in Firefox. This is because there are certain sites I can only view when I have the Proxy turned on (i.e. Googlerankings).

Now, it seems, there are certain sites I can only view with the proxy settings turned off – this is going to be fun!

3 thoughts on “Yahoo Groups displays as a blank page”

  1. Hi Damien,

    thanks for the suggestion. I downloaded and installed the plugin but I have had to disable it. It made Firefox too unstable and slow.

    Pity, it did seem like a handy way to get over this issue,



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