WordPress 1.5 theme Rubric updated

I received an email through the Contact form on this site from a Jean Mahserjian. Unfortunately Jean forgot to give me his/her email address so I couldn’t reply – Jean’s mail was as follows:

Tom, I downloaded your rubric theme to use with wordpress v. 1.5. But, I must be missing something basic on the setup. After I un zip the file, what do I do next? I simply created a directory called in the themes directory in my blog directory and copied those files. Didn’t work. Then I created a directory called rubric, copied all of the files from the default theme, and overwrote the ones you provided for rubric. Didn’t work. What do I do??

Obviously Jean wouldn’t have had this problem if I had included a simple ReadMe file with the theme – so I have updated the downloadable zipped Rubric theme with a ReadMe – apologies to anyone who had problems with their install and I hope this will answer most people’s questions.

If you don’t want to download it again, the text of the ReadMe is as follows:

Thanks for taking the trouble to download Rubric.

The first thing you need to ensure is that you are running WordPRess 1.5 – this version of Rubric has been created for WP 1.5.

Then take the folder you unzipped and copy it to your wordpress/wp-content/themes/ folder so you should now have wordpress/wp-content/themes/rubric

Next, through the WordPress administration interface, go to Options -> Presentation and you should see Rubric listed as one of the themes. On the right hand side of this screen, click on the activate button to make the theme active.

That’s it.

It should now be working for you

10 thoughts on “WordPress 1.5 theme Rubric updated”

  1. Hi Tom,

    I have downloaded the Rubric theme several times and when I upload it to my site and open the admin section to change themes, I get the complete .css file open on the page rather than just the theme name.

    Can you help please?

  2. Hi Ron,

    sorry you are having problems with this theme. I have emailed you a copy of the css file – let me know how you get on.


  3. Hi Tom,
    I see you are working on your themes. The Rubric looks good with the new sidebar. Hope you’ll share the code, once it’s stable.
    Love the theme switcher!

  4. Hi Mike,

    The theme switcher is an old plugin I had on when I had the site at tomandpilar.net. In fact, it was a relic of this code which caused your initial problems with the theme, if I remember correctly!

    I was, just now, checking a problem someone else was having with the css file, so I switched over to Rubric for a couple of minutes to test changes I had made. I have switched back now.

    The theme switcher plugin is available here.

    Hope this helps,


  5. Hi Tom,

    The css you sent me works perfectly. An email thank you is on the way.

    All the very best,

  6. Hi Tom, I’ve got the Rubric 2.0 friendly version up at my site now. It’s widget friendly, among other things. I’m planning more updates to it, and more information on the page, but wanted to make sure if anyone else is searching for it they can find it. Thanks for updating it to 1.5 – the files you provided are what I started with.

    By the way, I didn’t update it to 2.04, another user did it for me. I’m going to try and clean it up and improve on it from here on, though.

  7. I see you are working on your themes. The Rubric looks good with the new sidebar. Hope you’ll share the code, once it’s stable.
    Love the theme switcher!

    I much liked this theme switcher!

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