WordPress theme Rubric updated for WordPress 1.5

I had a WordPress template called Rubric on my WordPress 1.2 site. I hacked it a bit to work for me (adding css to show Amazon links within posts etc.).

On upgrading to WP 1.5, I followed the very straightforward upgrading old WordPress templates instructions and suddenly I had Rubric in WP 1.5.

I have since changed my theme on this site to ShadedGrey but I have a screen shot of the theme so people can view it.

A couple of people have asked me for the code for Rubric and I have obliged when asked.

Consequently, I have zipped up a copy of the theme – you can download it here. Be warned, I am not a coder so any modifications I have made are quick and dirty.

If anyone has any suggestions for improvements, please feel free to contact me with them.

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  1. Nice conversion… Been looking for this for 1.5. Great job

    One question though… How do I elimate the google ads stuff?



  2. Mike,

    delete lines 99-121 in the index.php file (line 99 starts div class=”menuItem” and line 121 closes the div.

    Hope this helps,


  3. Hi…have been looking for this theme since upgrading to 1.5. One question though. Have installed it and all I get is an error msg
    Parse error: parse error in /Library/Apache2/htdocs/blog/wp-content/themes/rubric/index.php on line 3

    any ideas as Im hopeless at php!?!


  4. Tristan,

    Can you contact me using the Contact page on this site with your contact details and I’ll see if we can debug this for you?


  5. Eeek!

    Sorry Erica – I have been trying out a couple of different Text Editors – one of them obviously saved line numbers into the file – I’m sorry this caused you hassles.

    I have updated the index.php file now – thanks for pointing it out.



  6. I’ve been playing around with other themes but I can’t get yours to work. see it in action at thecapitolfaxblog.com

    any help?

  7. I would like to put just under the main title (H1) a second title (H2) that would show the “tagline” of my blog. What do I have to put in the index.php so it shows the tagline?


  8. Jean,

    the relevant code is below (substitute the opening and closing tags for the ^ below!):

    ^p class=”description”^^?php bloginfo(‘description’); ?^^/p^

    I have added the code to the downloadable zip file of the theme – so if you want to download it again, you will get a copy with the Tagline code in place.

  9. It works but not perfectly.

    The description is on top of the main title and on the left. Is it possible to correct this?

  10. Jean,

    It seems to me that the .description class is missing from the css file. I forced it to display below the header by adding:

    .description {
    position: absolute;
    top: 80px;
    margin-left: 40px;
    font-size: 1em;
    font-family: Georgia, "Times New Roman", Times, serif;

    in style.css. Hopefully, someone more adept at css than me will be able to amend this to make it display relatively to the header instead of using absolute positioning.

  11. I’m sorry for my English.

    Please how can i remove category, author and time from the pages but not from the posts?


  12. Enzo,

    I am not sure I understand your request. What I think you are asking is how to remove the Category etc. information from the individual pages for each post, but not from the posts themselves.

    If this is what you are asking, create a copy of the index.php file, call it single.php, keep it in the same folder as index.php and remove the category, author and time information from this page.

    Now anyone viewing individual posts won’t see that information.

  13. Tom Raftery Says: If this is what you are asking, create a copy of the index.php file, call it single.php, keep it in the same folder as index.php and remove the category, author and time information from this page.


  14. Three column form? I’m afraid not. Feel free to take that ball and run with it though. I didn’t develop this theme, I can’t take the credit for that – I simply ported it from WordPress 1.2 to WordPress 1.5

  15. I love the way the Rubric theme looks, but I can’t get it to work for my blog!!

    I downloaded the file from this site, but when I went to activate it, it appeared under “Broken Themes” in my Presentation folder with the message that the theme is installed but incomplete. Says the style sheet is missing.

    Please help!

  16. Good decent theme…

    1) How to remove the pen from the top right
    2) substitute it with my own image?


  17. Thanks for the theme update, it’s the best that wordpress.com offers. 🙂 I found this blog so I could put it on my own hosted blog (just started today).

  18. Tom, I used the theme “Rubric” and deploy it to a WordPress.com blog. However, I am moving my domain to a private host, under WordPress.org platform. I downloaded the theme. But I could only find inside the package the Style.CSS file and the folder with the images. When trying to install the theme in WordPress.org version 2.8.1, it reports the following message: “The active theme is broken. Reverting to the default theme.” By comparing the theme zip file of the theme Rubric with others available for this release, I realized they are missing some files in that directory, and footer, index, functions, screenshot, single, search, among others. Is there the possibility of providing an updated version of the “Rubric” theme for use on the WordPress.org, which is compatible and can install?

  19. Thnks for rubic theme. I’ve been looking for this since long and finally found here. cheerz mate and hv a good one.

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