Solaris 10 reviewed

Narayan Newton ‚Äì Mad Penguin‘s Systems Administrator has written one of the first comprehensive reviews of Solaris 10.
Solaris 10 is the latest version of Sun‘s proprietary operating system and has been causing a lot of interest in the open Source world since Sun surprised everyone by releasing Solaris 10 as Open Source in January and by releasing x86 as well as SPARC versions of Solaris 10.

The review has been Slashdotted so you may have problems accessing it!

In the review, Narayan reviews the install process, and new features like DTrace, Zones and the new Service Management Framework and he concludes with the following:

Solaris 10 is a rather amazing OS. I learn quickly, but I was hard pressed to even tap the surface of Solaris. It is very fast, has new features that are revolutionary and old features that are not very well known, but deserve to be. Its hardware support could, and I think will, be improved, some software will be difficult to compile and it can be difficult to use at times when coming from other NIX. However, any relatively knowledgeable user should give it a shot. You may be impressed.