Using your Mac for Enterprise Database Development

I found a fascinating article on the OSNews site on how to use your Mac for Enterprise database development today by Ken Cluff.

In the article, Ken explains how he salvaged an old mac G4, downloaded/installed various tools and now uses the Mac for his software and database development purposes.

Ken clearly shows that there is now little reason for development houses to be stuck with Windows PCs and all the problems they bring with them (spyware, malware, crap ui, etc.).

2 thoughts on “Using your Mac for Enterprise Database Development”

  1. Hi

    Love your blog design – would you be willing to let me know how you got rubric to work? – I’m just learning the ropes and upgraded to WP1.5 (having, I thought, mastered the nuts and bolts in 1.2!) But I’m not savvy enough to know how to hack the rubric design to work in the new version. Grateful for any advice.


  2. Hi Nigel,

    Thanks for the kind words. To be honest, I am not a programmer myself and I upgraded the Rubric theme using the method outlined here.

    I had already hacked the template a bit and had to hack it a bit more to get it to look as it did before the upgrade.

    I can send you the code in the theme files if you wish – just let me know.

    Hope this helps,



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