WordPress themes – going one better!

Gavin updated his blog recently to WordPress 1.5 and while doing so he took the opportunity to rollout a new snazzier and more professional looking design.

Of course, I would say that because he copied my design! The fact that it isn’t my design, at all, and is simply a theme I downloaded off the ‘net, is completely irrelevant!

Anyhoo, I decided that rather than have people quickly get bored with this theme, I would allow people chose the theme with which they prefer to view this site. If you don’t like this site’s theme, simply chose another from the Themes dropdown menu.

I am still rolling this out so some of the themes might not look the best – and beware that the Themes dropdown menu in the Spiral theme needs to be clicked a couple of times to get it to dropdown, not quite sure why that is yet.

I’d love to get your feedback on this functionality and on the themes – are there any you particularly like?