Google fails to implement nofollow on Blogger

FrankP informed me recently that Blogger have updated their comment system so that people without Blogger accounts can leave comments – previously, to do this on a Blogger blog you had to comment anonymously, now it is possible to leave a name and uri.

This overhaul of their comment system was long awaited – and this added functionality now brings Blogger’s comment functionality almost up to par with its competitors but also, possibly, opens Blogger blogs to the scourge of comment spam.

Curiously though, Blogger failed to rollout an implementation of the nofollow attribute which Google themselves proposed recently to help combat comment spam. Blogger is completely owned by Google.

Anyone care to hazard a couple of reasons as to why Blogger didn’t rollout nofollow?

7 thoughts on “Google fails to implement nofollow on Blogger”

  1. hmm… interesting… actually, they *did* implement it, but for some reason only in the comment itself and *not* in other fields such as website of poster…
    Odd one. Wonder what the thinking is… if I find anything I’ll get back to you!

  2. Maybe Google has tuned how Blogger sites are indexed and will already ignore comment spam?

  3. Sam,

    that is always a possibility – however, having proposed the nofollow attribute, I think it is a little suspicious that they failed to roll it out on their own site.


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  5. Hi Tom,

    does anywhere exist a plugin or any other automatically function to set a “nofollow” atribute in a blogger blog or any other commentable or writable website?
    I searched a long time now and didn’t found a puff of an information!

    Please answer here or send me an eMail.

    Thx a lot in advance,

  6. Hey Chris,

    I don’t think so for Blogger (which is ironic seeing as Blogger is owned by Google and it was Google who suggested the nofollow attribute).

    Nofollow is on automatically in WordPress and WordPress has the ability to import blogger blogs (including all comments).

    Hope this helps,


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