Upgrade from WordPress 1.2.2 to WordPress 1.5 (Beta)

I upgraded my blog from WordPress 1.2.2 to WordPress 1.5 (Beta) today so if you notice any wierdness in this blog (over and above the norm!) you can put it down to that.

The upgrade went reasonably well. First I backed the database and then the remote files following the upgrade instructions on the WordPress site.

Having upgraded, I lost my custom template – getting my blog back to the way it looked before the upgrade was the most challenging part of the upgrade process. Luckily WordPress provide detailed instructions for upgrading old WordPress templates to version 1.5 and these certainly helped.

I still had a few issues with the template/theme. Some of the formerly working CSS was now not working as expected. This seems to be because of changes in the way the php outputs the html (particularly for the Link and Category headings). Fortunately I had invaluable help from ace designer and (x)html/CSS coder FrankP in doing this and I couldn’t have finished it without him.

Now, to check out all the new features of 1.5…