Web standards compliance

Michele mentioned my post listing standards compliant websites in an article on his site this morning.

He correctly pointed out that many development companies think that they can jack up the price when asked to produce standards compliant sites – “Mention w3c standards and the price starts to climb”. Unfortunately, this is often the case and is generally because the companies in question are still on the learning curve when it comes to rolling out standards compliant sites and so, are charging their clients for learning how to produce the site!

In fact, the cost of production of a web standards compliant site should be no more than the cost of a non-compliant site, and could even be cheaper.

The next time a development company tells you that it costs more to produce a standards compliant site – ask them to justify it. If they can’t to your satisfaction (i.e. not in techspeak) tell them you are going to a company who knows web standards and are not still on a learning curve.

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