Comments fixed! – AuthImage 2.0.4 breaks AuthImage addressing.

Well, it serves me right. After crowing about how good AuthImage is to everyone, I forgot to check it after getting my hosting company to “rebuild php with the required modules“. It was still broken on this site, meaning no-one could comment!

This time, when I accessed the authimage.php file directly asking for an image (i.e. authimage.php?type=image), I was served up the image, no problem. So I knew, now that the error was elsewhere. A quick trawl of my log files showed a lot of 404’s for /wordpress/wordpress/…/authimage.php – the duplication of the wordpress folders was incorrect so now I knew there was an error in addressing the image.

Addressing takes place in the wp-comments.php file so I corrected the error there.

Interestingly this was the reverse of an error I had corrected previously. It seems that my upgrade to Authimage 2.0.4 ‘fixed’ this error, causing my earlier correction to fail!

All’s well now anyway, so comment away mad!

5 thoughts on “Comments fixed! – AuthImage 2.0.4 breaks AuthImage addressing.”

  1. I installed Authimage about 5 days ago. At first it worked fine, and I was thinking of turning off moderation this weekend but this morning I found 38 spam comments waiting for me in moderation. I used the option that if the code was not correct, then the message should be deleted without sending it through to moderation. I don’t want to see these spam comments any longer, it’s driving me insane.

    Why is this happening? I’m thinking of dumping WordPress altogether because it’s taking over my spare time and causing too much stress, and I chose WordPress because it easy to use

    Please help me solve this problem. I’m desperate for some peace.

  2. Karen,

    your problem is that the commenters are accessing your comments pages directly – they are using a script which accesses either the wp-comments.php page or more likely the wp-comments-post.php page directly and enters comments that way.

    If you change the page names and the references to those pages in the index.php page, that should help sort out your problem.

    I have also blogged about other methods like increasing minimum time between blogs – this should help as well if you are being flooded.

    Best of luck with it,


  3. Thank you, Tom. I’ll try changing the names of those two files, as you suggested.

    I look forward to being spam free!

  4. Oh, I just wanted to add in case there are other users of WordPress who come here with the same problem, that apart from editing index.php, you also have to edit the wp-comments.php file otherwise you’ll get an error message.

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