WordPress plugin repository II

Well, I checked out the WordPress Plugin Repository, mentioned in a previous post, and I have to say I was extremely underwhelmed.

The interface is appalling – it is very difficult to find your way around, in particular trying the relevant files for download or trying to find descriptions of plugins is nigh on impossible.

This is not only my opinion – I have found others who share my views on this – hopefully, WordPress will take this on board and sort out the interface of this potentially fantastic resource soon.

Another strange issue I noticed is that although I pinged and trackbacked the repository post on the WordPress Development site, it still displays as having no pings or trackbacks. I thought it was an issue with trackbacks on my WordPress install but I checked on another site and my trackbacks are working fine. Again, hopefully, they’ll sort this soon too.

2 thoughts on “WordPress plugin repository II”

  1. Hello!

    I installed WordPress on my server, and set up a site. It’s a relly nice piece of software. However, I am missing a piece of functionality, and

    couldn’t find a suitable answer for it. Mayou you know a plugin I could use?I need to automatically inserts ads in my posts.And not AdSense ads, but rather HTML snippets defined by me (affiliate links, etc). Let’s say I would insert a tag in my post:
    — ad here —
    and the plugin would automatically replace it with some HTML code, when the post is displayed on my site.I really don’t need any fancy configuration options etc, just the basic replace functionality.
    Do you know a plugin that can handle this?

  2. @lil wyte I am wanting to do the exact same thing, did you ever get an answer to this? You asked: (I need to automatically insert ads in my posts. And not AdSense ads, but rather HTML snippets defined by me (affiliate links, etc).

    Can anyone help me with this?
    I don’t really need a plugin, the file I need to call is php. I just need to know which file to edit and where to place the call.


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