Stopping WordPress comment spam continued

Well, the suggestion I tried in my last post has helped matters but not eliminated the spam completely.

I have found another suggestion on Weblog Tools – to increase the minimum time between posts. WordPress’ default settings allows a comment to be submitted every 10 seconds – I have increased this to every 300 seconds to stop receiving floods of comment spam.

Also, I re-tested Fahim Farook’s WPBlacklist plug-in and found where the error was occurring (the Blacklist.php file). I uploaded a new version of that file and now the plug-in appears to be functioning normally once more.

So, these steps, all together, the source file editing and re-naming, the increasing the time between allowed comments and the WPBlacklist plug-in are now in place and I am hoping that they will, if now stop completely, then significantly reduce my WordPress comment spam. For the moment.

This is, after all, a game of leap-frog.