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Since I created this site, I have been hounding my good friend Frank P, for help in ways to improve it. He helped me edit the CSS to add the borders around the navigation on the right, he helped me get it xhtml compliant, and he helped with numerous other tweaks to the site.

Feeling guilty about how much of his valuable time I was wasting with my silly questions, I went in search of a good online CSS tutorial and I came across W3Schools CSS Tutorials. The CSS tutorials on this site are comprehensive, reasonable interactive, free and can lead to certification, if you so wish.

If anyone knows of another good site for CSS tutorials onlins, I’d love to hear of it. In the meantime, I’m back to (W3)School!

By the way, W3School also has free online tutorials on HTML, XML, Server Scripting, Browser Scripting, .Net, etc. – well worth checking out.

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  1. Seeing as I always call you for technical support I figured it was the least I could do – finally an area I can actually answer YOUR questions and you go and find an alternative source! 😉

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