One computer becomes ten!

A Canadian based company called Userful has come up with what I think is a brilliant idea – using Linux’ native multi-user abilities to do away with computers! Up to ten separate monitors, keyboards, and users can work simultaneously off the same individual computer box. Think Libraries (Userful’s current market) think schools/universities and think Internet Cafe’s.

The product, called 1-Box, doesn’t have a price mentioned on the website, that I could find, but in a typical internet Cafe scenario, the ability to do away with servers and up to 90% of the PCs should save significant money (and it is good for the environment!).

Not sure if/when there will be a European release – watch this space!

One thought on “One computer becomes ten!”

  1. Sounds like Thin Client terminals in mainframe configuration? This is how it all started off, computers were costly hence mainframe and dumb terminals were connected via RS422/RS232 connections then later on TCP. Looks like we’re back to basics or more like back to square one! 😉

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