Importing Blogger postings into WordPress

Looking into WordPress as a blogging tool (in particular, in comparison to Blogger), I came across a page which ships with the WordPress installation called import-blogger.php in the wp-admin folder.

Logging on to this page you are served instructions on how to do the import. Having a Blogger blog at whose content I wanted in this blog I decided to try it out. One gotcha to watch out for – publish the Blogger archive files to the top level of your WordPress blog (not into an Archive folder for instance).

It seemed to break the WordPress blog when I did the import – logging into this blog all you saw was unformatted text, no links, no calendar, nothing. I checked the template and it was fine so I ftp’d into the folder and saw an index.html file which had been copied across! Re-naming this file resolved this issue and now all my blogger IT posts are in this blog too.

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