iTunes Affiliate program

Apple have launched an affiliates program for iTunes.

Sign up for this program is free and anyone signing up before September 15th is eligible for a draw for a free iPod. Apple have a faq page which doesn’t answer questions on whether non-US residents can become affiliates!

As an affiliate you can link directly from your website to any song, album or artist on iTunes. The iTunes store currently has over 1 million tracks from all five major labels and over 600 leading independents and over 8,000 audiobooks and popular public radio programs.

The signup page, which asks for details like social security number and other personal pages, is not a secured page (although the form submission is over https)! It would be re-assuring to see a padlock on the bottom of this page.

More a disappointment though is that the page doesn’t work in Firefox 0.9.3. and the affiliate program is only for the US Apple store. Hopefully these issues will be ironed out soon.

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