New online desktop Linux manual

The International Open Source Network, a United Nations-funded organization has produced a Linux desktop manual for novice PC users as part of an effort to encourage developing countries to use open-source software.

The manual is downloadable in discrete pdf and/or OpenOffice formatted files, each file corresponding to an individual chapter of the manual and there are accompanying presentation slides for trainers in OpenOffice Format.

There are mirror sites with the chapters available and I would strongly recommend using the mirror sites as the IOSN site is frequently overwhelmed – victims of their own success! The ability to download the entire manual in a single download would be an added benefit.

The International Open Source Network (IOSN) is a Center of Excellence for Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) in the Asia-Pacific Region. The IOSN is tasked specifically to facilitate and network FOSS advocates and human resources in the region. The vision is that developing countries in the Asia-Pacific Region can achieve rapid and sustained economic and social development by using affordable yet effective FOSS ICT solutions to bridge the digital divide.

UPDATE (28/08/04):
The entire manual is now available for download as a single pdf or OpenOffice file.

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