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O2's servers down

Bernard has spotted that O2’s Irish DNS servers are both down.

I had a client call me earlier because he was unable to access his site from his XDA, he is using O2’s DNS servers in his XDA’s Internet setup and as these are offline, he was unable to access the site.

As Bernard points out:

Both DNS servers DNS1.O2.IE ( and DNS2.O2.IE ( are in fact hosted with Esat, and this does look like the cause of the problem. So the pressure is on with them today!

The strange thing would be that both DNS servers are hosted with the same hoster!

Funnily, Esats DNS is hosted with esat.net (in a different IP block) and they, are up

How shortsighted is it to have two DNS servers in the same ip block? I run two DNS servers and I have them in seperate countries! Therefore the chances of both of them being down simultaneously are extremely slim.

Shhhh, is that the sound of heads rolling?