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AjaxWrite reviewed

AjaxWrite is yet another online word processor – I have writen previously about other online word processors like Writely, ZohoWriter and WriteBoard.

AjaxWrite is free like the other online word processors but where it differs is that with AjaxWrite, you don’t save your documents remotely, you save them locally, on your own pc. This has significant cost saving implications for AjaxWrite and may mean that it will outlast some of its competitors.

However, when I tried to save my document – I got the following error:
File saving error in AjaxWrite

This error happened both with documents of my own and with the default Welcome.doc which opens when you open AjaxWrite.

Obviously some bugs need to be ironed out yet!!!

Zoho Writer fails to impress!

I received an email this morning from an Aravind (a Market Analyst for the Zoho range of products & services apparently).

Aravind asked me to test the Beta of Zoho Writer, an online word processor. I tried it out and wasn’t too impressed!

I have tried and written about online word processors previously and both Writely and WriteBoard are significantly better than Zoho Writer in one very important respect – both worked flawlessly on the Mac!

Zoho Writer fails miserably on the Mac (Firefox and Safari)!

Aravind, if you are going to ask someone to review your product, ensure it works on their preferred platform before you pitch it to them!