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Microsoft to start supporting Firefox?

I write posts here with boring regularity on Microsoft’s latest releases. They all follow a similar pattern – “I have just heard that Microsoft have just released [insert product name here] unfortunately it doesn’t work in Firefox/Mac”.

Now, however, I have acquired an unlikely ally in Robert Scoble – Microsoft’s chief blogger! Robert said in a post yesterday

if you want the most passionate people in society to use your stuff, you must support Firefox…. I won’t link (or say anything nice) to any Windows Live service that doesn’t support Firefox.

If the Microsoft development teams take note and start to release products with Firefox support, this will mean far better products, reviews and PR for Microsoft.

What will I have to complain about though!

I see Damien and Dennis Howlett have responded to Robert’s post as well.

Any Questions for Niall Kennedy

Niall Kennedy is a well known blogger, a vertical search veteran, a podcaster (with Om Malik) on the Om and Niall podsessions podcast, and a soccer coach! I will be interviewing Niall tomorrow (Fri 21st) in the late afternoon (sorry for the late notice – I only just got confirmation) for a podcast on PodLeaders.com.

Niall has worked for Technorati, shopping comparison engines PriceGrabber and NexTag, institutional investment search company Callan Associates, and business services search for American Express.

Most recently, Niall has accepted a job working for Microsoft’s Windows Live Division.

And most importantly, Niall is the proud holder of an Irish passport!

As always, if you have any questions that you’d like me to ask him, feel free to leave them in the comments or emil them to me at tom@tomrafteryit.net.