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Google Analytics graphs on a Mac

Google announced it was opening Google Analytics – a web stats program, for all to use free last week.

Since it was launched Google Analytics has had problems – mostly related to the unprecedented demand for its use (unprecedented by Google, at any rate).

One persistent issue, unrelated to popularity is that the Google Analytics graphs don’t appear on a Mac in Safari (or in my version of Firefox – although this may be due to my use of Adblock in Firefox).

However, I spotted a tip in Mactips today which explains how to get Google Analytic’s graphs to work in Safari

Try to force a reflow of the page, e.g. by hitting “Cmd +� or “Cmd -� to resize the text. The charts will appear.

I tried it in Safari and FIrefox and while it works great in Safari, it doesn’t work in Firefox 🙁 – Still, at least I can see the graphs now.