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Tech Camp Ireland talk

Well the Tech Camp Ireland meet-up is over and it was a great day. Kudos to Piaras and Ed for organising it. Some of the interesting talks that I attended were given by Darren Barefoot on (un)marketing and Digital Rights Ireland on our lack of digital rights in Ireland (think mandatory 3 year data retention, DRM, mobile phone tracking etc.)!

My own talk was titled “Increasing traffic: How to Promote your blog / web business” and a pdf copy is available for download here.

My talk was also recorded by Gavin Byrne of NearFM (the first radio station in Ireland to PodCast!) to be PodCast so when I get an uri for that I will update this post with those details.

Interesting observation from Tech Camp – I counted 8 laptops – 5 of which were macs. If Apple has only 5% of the market, how does that work?

The podCast of my talk is now available here

Tech Camp Ireland

Posting has been light the last day or two because i have been preparing my talk for tomorrow’s Tech Camp Ireland. I am moderating a discussion on Web Marketing and Blogging from 09:30 to 11:15 and then I am giving a talk entitled: Increasing traffic: How to Promote your blog / web business at 12:00.

If you are going, I look forward to seeing you there – if you are not going, I’ll put my slides up tomorrow or Monday at the latest.

Btw, if you are Piaras or Ed (the organisers) – I’m only kidding, I really did my slides weeks ago and sent them in long before the deadline *ahem*