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Microsoft Ireland's error prone Tablet PC competition!

According to Dave Northey, Microsoft Ireland are giving away a Tablet PC – all you have to do is answer a survey before June 30th to be in with a chance of winning.

The only catch is that when I tried to go to the survey page to answer the questions I received the following error:

Free Tablet from Microsoft Ireland (or not!)

Perhaps this is part of the competition – you have to figure out how to get past this error page to answer the survey! Or perhaps it is hosted on a Windows server (ouch!)!

UPDATE: Microsoft appear to have fixed the problem. I say appear because I logged into the page, answered the questions on the page and clicked the continue button, expecting to be brought to another page of questions. Instead I found myself on the Microsoft Ireland security page. There was no message telling me that my data had been received successfully, or that my session had timed out so now I’m in limbo. Do I try again and possibly get penalised for trying too many times or just hope it worked?

Dave et al, you need to work a bit on managing people’s expectations (i.e. page 1 of 1, and/or Finish/Submit instead of continue on the button) and provide feedback – data received, thank you (or similar).