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NetNewsWire Beta – doesn't synch

I use NetNewsWire as my feed reader – I keep going back to it, despite its limitations because it is faster to read my feeds in a desktop app than a web app.

However, one real bugbear I have had with it is its lack of support for synching. I use two different computers – my desktop computer while in the office and my laptop while on the move. I want to have the feeds and their read status synched across my computers (without having to shell out for a .Mac account).

Bernard told me last night that the new beta of NetNewsWire is out and that it supports synching – wohoo!

However, my joy was shortlived on trying it out! There is a synching function in NetNewsWire 2.1b17 but it doesn’t allow you to synch across machines. It simply synchs your feed reader’s status to the web – this status can only be accessed by the same machine subsequently – so it is more like a read status backup than a synch.

Hopefully this is because the app is still in beta and this will be resolved someday soon!