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Identity disorder

More and more sites these days ask you to create an account to access their functionality. Each time you create an account, that’s one more username/password combination to remember because in this age of identity theft, using the same username/password combination across sites is a serious no-no.

Then along comes the idea of open identity portocols. Open identity protocols promise single sign-on across multiple online sites. One identity to log in on them all, as it were.

Now, however, there seems to be a slew of identity protocol sites springing up to which you have to sign up and get logon details! There doesn’t appear to be a dominant player and the open identity sites don’t share information with each other. So we are back once more to having multiple identities (albeit hopefully fewer than before).

I already have signed up to myopenid, Verisign’s PIP and one or two others (whose names escape me already!).

Sigh, here we go again!