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PeopleAggregator goes live – anyone want in?

Marc Canter‘s Digital Lifestyle Aggregator (DLA), called PeopleAggregator, launched in Alpha mode overnight.

BroadbandMechanics says PeopleAggregator is:

a social network web service that will be used to inter-connect the world’s social networks – together.

We can only do that by opening up and giving away our APIs and techniques for doing so. So instead of a single social network with 10,000,000 people – we see 10M social networks – with 25-150 people in them. This vision of distributed, meshed universe of networks is what PeopleAggregator is all about.

Invitations were sent out to trial it and it is still looking a little rough around the edges (not unsurprisingly in an alpha product).

Initially I was unable to get the Flickr integration working but I put up a post asking if anyone had similar problems and I received an answer in under an hour telling me that you need to use the email address Flickr has for you as your Flickr ID! This wasn’t immediately obvious to me but when I tried that, it worked.


The Del.icio.us integration just worked.

I joined the Irish Blogs group but I haven’t looked into the Networks side of PeopleAggregator yet.

Some of the functionality needs to be simplified. For instance, linking to other members isn’t straightforward. Also, there are reports that the sxip integration isn’t working just yet and there are no obvious RSS feeds.

You can invite people to join PeopleAggregator so if anyone wants an invite, leave your name in the comments (or send me an email) and I’ll send one on.

I’m looking forward to seeing where Marc takes this.