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AI is Revolutionising Safety: How AI and Tech are Saving Lives in the Industrial World

In the latest episode of my Digital Supply Chain podcast, I had the privilege of speaking with Maurice Liddell, a principal with BDO Digital. This was not just another conversation about AI and technology; it was a deep dive into how these powerful tools are transforming safety and operational efficiency in workplaces today.

One of the most riveting parts of our conversation was when Maurice painted a vivid picture of how technology could prevent life-threatening accidents. Imagine a foundry worker, falling off a scaffolding towards a vat of molten metal. Now imagine if AI could dynamically deploy a safety net to catch that worker in real-time. Sounds like something out of a science fiction movie, right? But it’s not—it’s the future of industrial safety, and it’s closer than you think.

Maurice also raised some thought-provoking questions about ethical considerations when deploying AI. He said, “We have to be conscious about the information that we’re feeding [AI] and making sure that we are not introducing our own biases into it.” It’s a pertinent point, especially when AI models are being used to make hiring decisions and other critical organizational moves.

Another highlight was discussing the role of large language models like ChatGPT. “These models can speak not just English, but any language you throw at it pretty much, making workers in diverse environments feel more comfortable,” Maurice added. As someone who was pleasantly surprised to see ChatGPT respond to my message in Irish, I couldn’t agree more!

What made this episode truly special was Maurice’s insight that safe workers help maximize profits. He dismantled the false dichotomy between safety and profitability, urging companies to invest in technology not just to prevent incidents but to enable predictive and preventative maintenance. It’s not “people or profits,” it’s “people for profits,” and AI technology is a core component that can help make it happen.

To wrap up, if you’re passionate about AI, committed to creating safer, more efficient workplaces, or just a curious mind looking to know where the future is headed, then you won’t want to miss this episode.

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