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I have started to use TiddlyWiki a lot recently. TiddlyWiki is a wiki platform which runs on your personal computer.


TiddlyWiki runs entirely out of html and so simply by visiting the TiddlyWiki site, you have downloaded the application! Chose File -> Save As… to name it and save it to an appropriate folder on your machine.

TiddlyWiki is blog-like in that new articles (Tiddlers) appear like posts in a blog. But it is unblog-like in that they are not displayed sequentially, but rather called by links or searches on the page.

It is very handy for notes-to-self – especially when you are offline. It can be hooked up to an online version and synched but I haven’t tried this yet.

The application was written by Jeremy Ruston who was taken on by BT as head of Open Source when they saw TiddlyWiki