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OS X to Vista networking help needed

Anyone know of any good resources for networking a Mac (running OS X) and a PC (running Vista) on a peer-to-peer lan network?

I’m asking because I have a 4.75gb file on my Vista machine which I want to transfer to the Mac and it is too big to burn to DVD.

I have turned on File Sharing for Windows on the Mac but although the two machines are on the same subnet (192.168.2.x), and both can ping the router ( neither can ping the other!

I have tried both wireless and wired networks, to no avail!

Parallels networking error resolved

I had a problem with my copy of Parallels ufter upgrading last night – the shared networking no longer worked and it was grabbing the same ip as my Mac – causing all kinds of problems.

The program wouldn’t allow me to re-configure the network settings (all other options were greyed out).

So after a lot of messing about, I decided to uninstall Parallels using the Uninstaller which ships with the app, delete all Parallels files (except the .pvs) and re-install.

This solved it completely!