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Video iPod and new iTunes

Apple, after much anticipation, released the video iPod at their “one More Thing…” event in San Jose today.

The new model is 30 percent thinner than previous models, has a larger 2.5-inch QVGA display with 324 x 240 resolution, at 30fps, 260,000 color 2.5-inch display, H.264 support, and either a 30 or 60GB hard drive allowing up to 150 hours of video.

Video iPod

A new version of iTunes (version 6) has been released to con-incide with this launch. iTunes 6 will allow download of music videos, and tv shows (like Desperate housewives and Lost! – you hated them on TV – you can now hate them even more on your video iPod!).

The new iTunes also has built in functionality for:

  • Buying videos
  • Buying songs for friends
  • Reviews and
  • Recommendations based on previous purchases

Videos will cost $1.99 each.

Engadget have more here and Cnet have coverage here.