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I love iRed Lite!

Who said I only write snarky posts?

I came across a free program (I can’t remember where I saw it first – I thought it was on Chris’ site but I can’t find any reference to it there now) called iRed Lite and I love it!

The idea is very simple – take the IR control which ships with all new Macs and is only useful for Frontrow, and add extra functionality to it so it can actually be useful, day-to-day!

I decided to use it in conjunction with Keynote, Apple’s presentation software, when I was giving my talks to Microsoft Belgium last week.

Previously I had used my bluetooth mouse to move the slides forward but I found this to be flaky (didn’t always work) – using the IR control was flawless.

Thank you iRed Lite

Microsoft Belgium gigs

The presentations I gave to Microsoft Belgium this morning went really well and I received tremendously positive feedback. I have been asked not to talk about the content of the talks so I can’t say anymore about those.

I met some cool people there. Dave and Tom organised the event, and ran it really smoothly, despite Aer Lingus’ attempts to sabotage it by getting me there late!

I also caught up with Dirk (thanks for the ride from the airport) and Hans, both of whom I met originally in Burgenstock in September. And I met and had a great chat with Chris today at lunchtime. Chris uses WordPress.com so he can’t be all bad!!!

Busy couple of days

I have a busy couple of days ahead – expect light posting.
– today I have a couple of CIX-related sales meetings
– I have an it@cork pre-conference podcast with Eddie Hobbs to edit and publish
– tomorrow I have several meetings in Dublin followed by the Netvisionary Awards night
– Friday I have an early morning (6:50 am) flight to Brussels for the Microsoft Belgium gig followed by a blogger’s dinner in Belgium
– Saturday, I fly back to Cork (wohoo!) through Dublin (d’oh! – I despise Dublin airport)
– phew!