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Cork Geek Dinner

Well, the Cork geek dinner went ahead last night in Proby’s Bistro, as planned. It seems to have been a great success – at least, everyone told me they enjoyed it anyway!

Robert Scoble and Maryam were there and despite having come from the IT@Cork conference where Robert delivered two great talks, Robert still made it his business to try to talk to everyone.

Maryam, despite being annoyed by Frank, confided that it was one of the best geek dinners she had attended because we didn’t only talk geek!

I spoke to Hugh McLeod about the lack of Stormhoek wine and he apologised profusely – he asked that I collect the names and addresses of as many of the attendees as are interested and he’ll organise a bottle for them – so if you were there last night and would like a free bottle of Stormhoek, email me (tom@tomrafteryit.net) your name and address and I’ll pass the details on to Hugh.