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Dublin SilverLight event

I have written about Microsoft’s Silverlight environment several times since they debuted it at ReMix07.

For the end-user, it is a Flash-like plug-in which allows viewing of apps and media written specifically for it.

For the developer, Silverlight allows apps written in managed code to be delivered via a browser to Internet users in a platform agnostic manner.

It certainly changes what can be done with a browser and I have no doubt that Microsoft themselves will begin to use it to roll out Rich Intetnet Apps and try to regain some of the lost Internet space (Offlce Light, anyone?).

How do you find out more about Silverlight? Well, Fergal Breen of IrishDev is hosting a SilverLight event in Dublin next week (Thursday Sept 27th in the Cineworld Complex, Parnell Street, Dublin):

Martha Rotter, from the original Silverlight crew, invites you to witness how Silverlight can light up the web with Rich Interactive Applications

The event looks interesting and is free (!).

Registration is required.