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I slapped Microsoft in the face (and lived to tell the tale!)

Well, I made it out alive!

I went to the Microsoft internal management meeting in Switzerland (Bürgenstock – a beautiful resort overlooking Lake Lucerne), told them their web 2.0 offerings sucked, and why.

View from my hotel in Bürgenstock

I have to say that their reaction was remarkably positive to my (metaphorically) slapping them in the face! They did challenge some of my assertions (which is the least I expected) but the overall feedback I received was amazingly positive. In fact I received invitations to do more of the same from some of the participants.

The presentations I gave were both difficult to prepare and difficult to deliver because, normally when I am presenting, I am talking up some technology or process. This was the first time I was asked to deliver a negative message in a presentation. Still, now I know I can do that (and do it well, if the reaction of the participants is anything to go by).

The difficulty was, of course, tempered by the location!