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Video search via rss

Yahoo! have posted a nice instruction set on their blog, detailing how to subscribe your copy of iTunes to video searches of interest so that you are constantly fed relevant updated video casts!

Basically, to do it you simply use the RSS url generator to generate the RSS feed for your video search, add that to iTunes and watch the videos as they arrive in iTunes (or if you have one of the new Video iPods, you can watch them on that!).

I will be talking about other uses for RSS tomorrow evening at the IT@Cork RSS event – hope to see you there!

Apple introduces new iMac

At the San Jose event today Steve jobs also announced a new iMac G5. See here for more

New iMac G5

The new iMac is thinner than its predecessors, it has a built-in iSight camera for video conferencing, and it has a new application called Front Row. Front Row is a program which allows imac owners to use their iMac like a media centre – playing music, photos, videos and DVD’s from the comfort of the sofa, using the iMacs 6 button, iPod-like remote.

As Tom Dunmore of Stuff Magazine says:

Obviously, Front Row will be the perfect way to enjoy music video bought from the iTunes Music Store 6. But is it too much to ask for a TV link? Oh, ok, we’ll be happy with what we’ve got. For now…

Video iPod and new iTunes

Apple, after much anticipation, released the video iPod at their “one More Thing…” event in San Jose today.

The new model is 30 percent thinner than previous models, has a larger 2.5-inch QVGA display with 324 x 240 resolution, at 30fps, 260,000 color 2.5-inch display, H.264 support, and either a 30 or 60GB hard drive allowing up to 150 hours of video.

Video iPod

A new version of iTunes (version 6) has been released to con-incide with this launch. iTunes 6 will allow download of music videos, and tv shows (like Desperate housewives and Lost! – you hated them on TV – you can now hate them even more on your video iPod!).

The new iTunes also has built in functionality for:

  • Buying videos
  • Buying songs for friends
  • Reviews and
  • Recommendations based on previous purchases

Videos will cost $1.99 each.

Engadget have more here and Cnet have coverage here.

Yahoo! attacks iTunes podcast monopoly

Yahoo! have just rolled out Yahoo! Podcasts – a service which lets users find, listen and subscribe to podcasts. PodTech has an interview with Geoff Ralston, Yahoo!’s Chief Product Officer about the new offering where he says:

We want this to be as open as possible on both ends. We want to work with every device – however a user of Yahoo podcasts wants to consume their podcast, wherever they want to do it, whatever device, and on whatever jukebox. We’re going to work with them (jukeboxes) and we’re going to work with as many standards as possible using standard pcast format to integrate with a jukebox. You can listen to podcasts right on your computer, or you can listen to it right on the web itself. On the other end, we want to be as comprehensive as possible. If you have a podcast we’re going to find you, and if we haven’t found you then you can come to our website and give us your RSS feed and we’ll get it into our index within 24 hours.

Finally someone has taken on ITunes’ monopoly in this market – iTunes offering is pretty poor, interface-wise, but as they had no significant competition, they didn’t have to improve it. Now, however, with the launch of Yahoo! Podcasts, they have competition from a serious player.

One of the most useful features of Yahoo! Podcasts is the search function – coming from Yahoo!, not surprisingly, it works like a dream. Another nice feature of the site, is the ability to rate and review podcasts – this will add significantly to the value of the directory as the better podcasts come to the top.

This makes me want to start podcasting once more! I’ll have to fix the soundcard on this PowerBook before I can do that 🙁