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How to blog – blog training course

I am developing and running a blog training course starting next September 25th for IT@Cork.

It will be a 5 week course, one hour a week (6pm Monday evenings) in the National Software Centre in Mahon. It will be open to non-members and members of IT@Cork alike. The course fees will be €50 for IT@Cork members and €100 for non-members.
The entire proceeds of this training will be going to IT@Cork.

A very rough outline of what I will be going through each night is as follows:
Week 1. Intro to blogging and RSS
How to set up a blog
Hosted vs non-hosted
Free vs. paid

Week 2. How to optimise your blog
Spam prevention

Week 3. Your blog content
RSS searches

Week 4. How to Promote your blog and posts

Week 5. How to Podcast

This outline is open to suggestion and change – please feel free to suggest any topics which you feel are missing and/or under-represented in the comments to this post.

I have created a Google Calendar for this training course – you can subscribe to the calendar and see any changes to the course outline as it becomes firmed up.

Here is an RSS link for the training calendar.
Here is an iCal link for the training calendar.
And here is a static HTML link to the training calendar.

Email admin@itcork.ie to book your place.

UPDATE – In response to valuable feedback from Keith and Paul in the comments I have added in RSS and images to weeks 1 and 3 of the course. The Google Calendar has also been updated

Why don't online calendar apps allow importing of existing calendars?

Word on the blogosphere is that Google are developing an online calendar application called CL2 – Michael Arrington of TechCrunch has pictures of the app here.

An online calendar is something I would find very useful – I have loads of information in my calendar on my desktop but I lose that when I go out an about with my laptop. I use Apple’s iCal as my calendar application but I don’t have a .Mac account so I can’t synch my Calendars across the two machines.

30boxes has a facility whereby I can add my appointment info into 30boxes and subscribe my iCal application to that – this is half of the solution I am looking for – this is ok for events moving forward but I have a good few recurring events set in iCal which I don’t want to add again. Also, I often look back over my calendar to see “when exactly did I have that meeting?”, etc. For these reasons, while it is a good start, 30boxes is seriously lacking by not having the ability to import an existing calendar.

I don’t know that Google’s calendar will have this functionality either – I don’t see it in any of the screenshots on TechCrunch but surely they have thought of it – I can’t be the only person to have this issue!