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Blog hacked? UPDATED

This blog appears to have been hacked somehow.

This is my old blog and apart from a test posting the other day, I hadn’t added any new posts since May 2009.

Blog posts

However, when you view this blog’s feed in Google Reader it appears to be full of spammy posts.

Spammy posts in Google Reader

The spammy posts don’t show up when viewing the blog’s feed in Firefox (or Safari) RSS readers – it seems to be confined to Google Reader somehow.

Feed seen in Firefox

I also checked the backend mysql database and the spammy posts are not there so I’m not sure where they are coming from.

I was using the FeedBurner Feedsmith plugin for handling this blog’s feeds but I deactivated that over the weekend when I first became aware of this issue. I thought perhaps the FeedBurner feed may have been hacked so that if I turned it off, any cached spam posts would be cleared out after a day or so, however it seems to not only have persisted but more posts have been added.

Anyone any idea how this is happening and what I can do to stop it?


With help from Ewan – I discovered that (after looking around at a lot of other files) the wp-config.php file had been edited. The following line had been added


To be safe, I FTP’d in to the server, deleted the wp-config.php file and uploaded a clean one.

The site is now back to working as expected, apologies to anyone who was exposed to the spammy links.

I’ll now go back over the site again with the proverbial fine-toothed comb to see if I can find any other suspicious changes that were made to it.

What are the chances?

Skype is a cool little application. It allows you to make calls over the Internet for free to other Skype users and very cheaply to phones. Recent versions have included the ability to Skypecast (Skype with up to 100 people) and to video conference.

One of the major issues with Skype has always been that because it is a peer-to-peer program it can cause problems on networks – especially if it becomes a Supernode. Another issue with Skype is that it uses a proprietary protocol for its voip connections (as opposed to using an open protocol like SIP), thus no other programs can interact with and connect to Skype.

Now however, news is emerging from Asia that the Skype protocol has been hacked. Seemingly a Chinese company has hacked the protocol and are promising to come out with an application before the end of August which can connect to Skype and allow users to turn off Supernoding!

As Mike Arrington and Alec Saunders said:

But what they [Skype] should do is use this as an opportunity to open up the protocol and allow third party developers to build Skype compatible applications (under Skype’s terms).

What are the chances?