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Mac version of Google Earth now showing Manhattan in space?

Google upgraded their amazing Google Earth application overnight to now include the objects in the night sky as well (Google Earth & Sky!).

The Sky part of the application holds a host of information about stars, planets and constellations.

I’m a little confused though as to how Manhattan island appears to have been re-positioned near the Gemini Constellation in my Mac-based Google Earth (but not on the PC curiously).

Google Earth (now with sky!)

My friends in Manhattan will be surprised 😉

Google Maps and Google Earth images updated

The Google Earth blog notes that there has been a significant update to Google Earth and Google Maps images.

On checking Cork, I found that it has been significantly updated with recent high-res images. However, Rushbrook, where I am based, is still only available in low-res. In this screen you can see Rushbrook is on the West side of Great Island and just to the right of where the high-res image ends!

So close!