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Salim Ismail interview podcast

Salim broke my head in this interview!

This was one of the most informative podcast interviews I have yet done – Salim introduced me to the concepts of structured blogging, and the feed mesh. Structured blogging is a whole new concept in web publishing which literally blew my mind – PubSub will be officially announcing Structured Blogging next Tuesday with Marc Canter (there isn’t even a Wikipedia entry for Structured blogging yet – I got the scoop!).

If you publish on the web (if you are a blogger, for instance) you need to listen to this interview

The questions asked and the times in the interview I asked them are below:

Who is Salim Ismail and what is PubSub? – 0:32
What is PubSub? – 1:19
Is this something similar to Technorati’s Watchlists? – 2:01
What kind of people are using PubSub right now and what are they using it for? – 5:14
If a company (BUPA Ireland, for example) wants to use your service for brand management, they do what? – 7:27
You publish full feeds whereas Technorati publish partial feeds (presumably to bring people to their site), so how are you monetising this? – 9:22
No-one left any questions for you on my blog – is this due to PubSub being below most people’s radar? – 11:42
So if you are a job seeker or house buyer looking for houses or jobs with particular criteria…? – 18:30
What is structured blogging? – 19:32
So have you just destroyed Ebay‘s model? – 27:27
The feed mesh? – 31:37
How soon will the tools for publishers be available? – 35:00
How are you going to monetise this? – 38:23
Do you listen to podcasts? – 40:22
Do you have any particular favourites? – 40:57

Download the interview here 9.7mb mp3.

We didn’t get to cover all the topics we wanted to cover in this interview so I will be publishing a follow-up next week – stay tuned!