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How to advertise to me

Advertising any product to me is becoming more and more difficult. It is not just me, there is a growing number of people who are discovering ways to skip ads almost completely in their daily lives.

In my own case, I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought a newspaper but it would be years ago. I prefer to get all my news online.

I use the Firefox plugin Adblock to ensure I don’t see most ads online (see below)

This is the ENN site viewed without the Adblock plugin
Site viewed without Adblock

This is the same ENN site viewed using the Adblock plugin
Site viewed with Adblock

I used to listen to quite a bit of radio when I was on the road. Now however, I fill my iPod with podcasts before setting off on any journey and listen to those instead. This means that I am listening to content of my selection, relevant to my work, and I am not at the whim of whatever presenter happens to be on the radio.

I watch a decreasing amount of television. The TV I do watch tends to be DVDs or movie channels with no ads. I’d potentially watch a little more TV if I had Sky+ (similar to Tivo) but it is waaaaaaay too expensive.

And yes, before anyone says it, I do see the irony of posting this on a site who’s hosting is being paid for by Google ads!

So if you were an advertiser, trying to get your brand/message through to me (and people like me), how would you go about it?

PodLeaders in syndication deal

I’m delighted to announce that PodLeaders has successfully concluded a deal with ElectricNews and Blacknight Solutions whereby ENN has added PodLeaders as a channel (on the left hand navigation of ENN) and will re-publish all future PodLeaders podcasts on the ENN site (and in its email alerts). Blacknight Solutions is sponsoring this deal and consequently gets to brand the PodLeaders page on the ENN site.

This is a great deal for PodLeaders as it increases the traffic, adds a source of revenue for PodLeaders and as it is not an exclusive deal, it means that PodLeaders can look for more revenue (I may be able to have bread now with my water!!!).

Sincere thanks to Michele of Blacknight and Ralph of ENN for concluding this deal with PodLeaders.