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Sky News Live at Five team starts a blog with bugs!

The Sky News Live at Five program has started a blog – welcome to the world of blogs Jeremy and the Live at Five team.

However, the blog could stand some improvements (from a technical perspective) – for instance:

  • (the site doesn’t conform to web standards,
  • it doesn’t allow trackbacks or pingbacks,
  • it doesn’t allow comment authors to include the address of their own blog (if they have one) and
  • worst of all, it publishes commenter’s email addresses (when you Preview a comment), even though it states

We ask you to tell us your email address when you contribute, so we know you’re serious, but this won’t be published on the site.

Still, it is good to see a large news organisation dipping their toes into the blogosphere – as Fr. Ted might have said “Up with that kind of thing!”