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it@cork 2006 Conference – Eddie Hobbs

Eddie Hobbs led off the talks at the it@cork conference this morning. His talk focussed heavily on energy and the coming energy crisis. What is the Irish government’s plan when oil reaches $200 per barrel? [Hint: it is up there with their dealing with an asteroid hitting Dáil Eireann plan].

The average distance food travels in the US from field to fork is 1,500 miles. How will the rise in oil hit that? If you are in airline stocks, get out of it!

Money will flow to businesses that help businesses become more energy efficient. Also there will be a move to longevity in products – repair rather than dispose of faulty goods.

When selling to investors, avoid tech jargon, put the financials on a CD and concentrate on telling a compelling story.

Busy couple of days

I have a busy couple of days ahead – expect light posting.
– today I have a couple of CIX-related sales meetings
– I have an it@cork pre-conference podcast with Eddie Hobbs to edit and publish
– tomorrow I have several meetings in Dublin followed by the Netvisionary Awards night
– Friday I have an early morning (6:50 am) flight to Brussels for the Microsoft Belgium gig followed by a blogger’s dinner in Belgium
– Saturday, I fly back to Cork (wohoo!) through Dublin (d’oh! – I despise Dublin airport)
– phew!