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It never rains, but it pours


We arrived at the creche this evening to collect the two kids. We were coming almost directly from my mother’s funeral and we found Enrique (our younger son – seven months old) was quite poorly.

We brought him to the doctor to be told he has suspected bronchial pneumonia and to get him straight to hospital. The poor little guy is in a bad way. He can hardly breathe and is very distressed.

In the hospital they nebulised him, x-rayed him, took blood, and hooked him up to a drip with cortisone and antibiotics.

Pilar is staying overnight in the hospital with him. I’m at home now with the three year old.

Make it stop.

UPDATE: I spoke to Pilar this morning and while they had a rough night, Enrique seems marginally better this morning. I am going in to relieve her for the day today.