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it@cork on Confabb

I know I said the it@cork conference was really good – well, I’m not the only one who thought so!

Over on Confabb, Salim’s conference site, there are lots of good reviews of the conference and of the individual speakers.

This is going to be a very useful resource for it@cork (and the individual speakers) moving forward as we’ll be able to point back to Confabb to show how much value the attendees got from the conference.

If you were at the conference and haven’t left feedback on Confabb, please do so. Thanks.

Salim launches Confabb

My good buddy Salim has taken the covers off his latest venture Confabb and it has received a glowing review from TechCrunch, amongst others.

Confabb is a conference aggregation and organisation site. It has a database of over 16,000 conferences and the ability to log in and add more or use the site to help plan a conference.

Robert Scoble has posted a great interview with Salim where Salim talks about how they brought the site to launch without spending any money!

I’m looking forward to seeing Salim when he comes back to Cork for the 2006 it@cork conference to speak about global domination on a limited budget – an apt talk for Salim, methinks!