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How to pick any lock in seconds

Lockpicking is the art of opening a lock without damaging it or using a key – and recently lockpicking has become a sport with clubs and championships. Who knew?

One such club is TOOOL (The Open Organisation of Lockpickers). One of the founding members of this organisation is Barry Wels whose video on how to open a Kensington laptop lock with a toilet roll and a pen have gained him a lot of notoriety lately.

In a similar vein, Barry gave a talk at the Physical Security Workshop at 21st Chaos Communication Congress (21C3) in Berlin where he demonstrates a new technique for opening just about any physical lock in seconds. The technique is called the bump key method and a pdf explaining the bump key method is available here.

The talk is now available online and makes for scary viewing – be warned though, it is over 600mb so if you want to view it you will need a decent Internet connection.

Hat tip to Eric Marvets on whose blog I first saw a reference to this video.