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The clueless manifesto!

Dennis Howlett wrote up my recent PodLeaders podcast with FreshBook’s Michael McDerment

Dennis said:

I didn’t learn a great deal about the app itself but I learned a heck of a lot about what it means to be in a clients shoes looking at new ways of working. By his own admission, Tom:

‘Couldn’t balance a cheque, let alone the books.’

How many clients do we know like that? I found the show to be truly refreshing because Tom asked all the right questions from the client’s perspective.

Who knew my lack of knowledge could be such an advantage?

I can see whole new vistas opening up. There must be hundreds of jobs about which I know absolutely nothing (brain surgery, astrophysics, IT (oops!)).

I could brand it as The Clueless Manifesto! – “Need a guy who knows absolutely nothing, Tom’s yer only man!â€?