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Do Google Ads make cents II – the sequel

As you may have noticed, I have started adding Google Ads to the posts on this blog, as well as to the blog itself.

I took a look at the site stats, and decided which of the old posts receive the most traffic and I have added Google ads to these posts.

Again, like the ads just under the header image, these ads are, I think unintrusive and will hopefully help me become the dot blog millionaire I have always aspired to be!

I am adding the ads to individual posts using the fantastic WordPress plug-in, Adsense Delux which Michele recommended to me last night. Adsense delux allows me to individually format ads to suit posts so ads can look completely different from one post to the next.

For the moment, I am going to stay with the understated ads and I will monitor the click through rate they provide me. As a matter of interest, I don’t have a baseline to work from – what kind of Click Through Rate (CTR) should I expect to get?