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Digg must be feeling very flattered!

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery – if that is true then Digg must be feeling very flattered right about now!

AOL’s Netscape site is being converted from a portal into a Digg clone! You can see it for yourself at beta.netscape.com for now. It will convert to the main Netscape site soon.

The new Netscape site

The site features the ability to ‘vote’ for stories and a constantly updating, dynamic topbar featuring the most popular stories.

This site already has far more traffic than Digg ever had. As Mike Arrington said:

The fact that AOL is launching the new service under the Netscape brand instead of building out a new property says how serious they are about the space. According to statistics provided by AOL, Netscape serves a whopping 811 million monthly page views – far more than Digg today.

This will now introduce all those users to Digg-like technologies which can only be good for educating users on the possibilities of the live web.