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Funny FaceBook spam!

Ironic FaceBook Spam

I received this FaceBook invite to a webinar from Chris Abraham of AbrahamHarrison and Jay Jaffe of Jaffe Associates.

This invite was sent to over 2,200 people on FaceBook. Seems like kind of spammy behaviour to me!

Ironically the webinar is on “how to look after your online reputation and why it is important to do so”.

I guess they did this for the “What NOT to do” part of the webinar!

I suppose I received the invite because I chose to accept a Friend request from Chris Abraham back in 2007. This is not the first invite I have received from Chris since then (far from it). The dangers not being selective enough with who you friend on FaceBook, eh?

Dear FaceBook, please put an UnFriend link on invites like this so that with a single click I can insure I don’t receive any more,



The clueless manifesto!

Dennis Howlett wrote up my recent PodLeaders podcast with FreshBook’s Michael McDerment

Dennis said:

I didn’t learn a great deal about the app itself but I learned a heck of a lot about what it means to be in a clients shoes looking at new ways of working. By his own admission, Tom:

‘Couldn’t balance a cheque, let alone the books.’

How many clients do we know like that? I found the show to be truly refreshing because Tom asked all the right questions from the client’s perspective.

Who knew my lack of knowledge could be such an advantage?

I can see whole new vistas opening up. There must be hundreds of jobs about which I know absolutely nothing (brain surgery, astrophysics, IT (oops!)).

I could brand it as The Clueless Manifesto! – “Need a guy who knows absolutely nothing, Tom’s yer only man!â€?