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Welcome Eoin

Noted Trinity law lecturer and sometime radio pundit on all things legal, Eoin O’Dell has taken the wrappings off his blog finally!

Eoin has been blogging on a private blog for the last several months now but on Friday Eoin took the username and password off his blog and now everyone can read his thoughts on:

privacy, defamation and broadcasting; some cases on freedom of expression, privacy, restitution and copyright; and some random musings about life, the universe and everything

Well done Eoin, we need more people of your calibre joining in the conversations on the blogosphere.

[Disclosure – Eoin and I were in UCC together but afair I haven’t met Eoin since the early 90’s]

Riya being bought by Microsoft?

Riya is a company I have mentioned previously – they have an incredible application which combines text and facial recognition with photo uploading, so that once you tell Riya who is who in your photo albums, it will recognise those people from then on out in any photos it sees! Riya also has tagging built in to the application – like any half-decent web 2.0 application. Riya is due to launch tomorrow.

Now comes the rumour/news that Riya is being bought by Google – before it has even launched! I have to stress the news that this is still just a rumour – and the way rumours grow legs on the blogosphere (remember the Technorati buyout rumours?), it may well be completely untrue.

However, given Yahoo!’s purchase of Flickr, Google needs a cool photo app like this to maintain a presence in this space – then again, so does Microsoft! Anyone want to start a Microsoft is buying Riya rumour? Funny, Robert Scoble didn’t mention it in the interview of him which I podcast yesterday… then again, he wouldn’t, would he? 😉

I see Michael Arrington and Dave Winer and others have picked up on this story as well.

Arla Foods, Europe's largest dairy company has started blogging

I noticed that according to a post on Loic Le Meur’s blog, Arla Foods, Europe’s largest dairy company has started blogging.

Loic tells us that:

Arla now has three different blogs, all in Danish. They want to tell us about nutrition and health, the life on a farm and what’s happening “behind the scenes” in the organization. They do it to build long-term relationships, to show a more human face and how qualified they are

I love it when I see blogs appearing in non-tech companies – esp. when these blogs are properly executed! Congrats to the Arla team, welcome to the blogging scene (I hate the term blogosphere!).

Sales, Marketing and Productisation blog

It is good to see that Donagh Kiernan has started a blog.

If you don’t know Donagh, he is the founder and CEO of Maidsfield Business Development and former owner of Vistech Software.

Donagh is blogging about sales, marketing and productisation – this is an area Donagh knows volumes about so he has a lot of knowledge to impart.

As Donagh only has just started the blog, there is only one post up so far but I will be following it very closely ‘cos I know absolutely nothing about sales, marketing or productisation!!!

Welcome to the blogosphere Donagh.